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Administration Of Medication In Schools

Administration of Medications in Schools

All Medication administered at school must be prescribed by a doctor with an attached prescription pharmacy label including the students name, dose of medication and time to be taken. 
 Medication must be provided in the original pharmacy container. 
Over the counter medication (including paracetamol, ibuprofen, naturopathic, herbal and homeopathic preparations and pharmacist-only medicines at school):
• The medical practitioner provides a written request for over-the-counter medication to be administered or co-signs the request to administer medication at school  accompanied by clear instructions as to the dose and specific times required at school
• The authorised over-the-counter medication and the equipment needed for the medication to be administered are supplied by the student’s parent/carer.  
Parent must sign Request to Administer Medication to authorise any medication to be given.
The following link provides guidelines for the administration of routine and emergency medication in state schools:
(e.g. Butter menthols, Eucalyptus drops) Are to be in original packaging and accompanied by a note from the parent. They are to be handed to the class teacher with the note  and remain with teacher for distribution
(e.g. Strepsils, Codral) Require a pharmacist label and the completion of a medication form as per DET medication procedures. They are to be stored in sick bay at the school office and will be issued by administration staff as per directions on the label. 
That are suitable for use on children also come with a warning that they must be kept out of the reach of children. If parents believe that these products need to be applied at school they must be accompanied by a note from a parent and, are to be handed to the class teacher with the note. These products will be kept in a secure place by the class teacher.  This includes Paw Paw ointment.
Are to be clear or neutral in colour. Lip balms that resemble lipstick because they contain tint/colour are not permitted as part of the school uniform.